Tarot Readings By Starbreeze
Tarot Readings By Starbreeze

I only have a few tutorials. They're not much and should be able to be done by beginners. They were written in PSP7. I also use eye candy 4000 quite a bit. If you don't have a needed filter, by all means, improvise.

All tutorials on my pages were written by me. These tutorials may not be removed from this site. They are protected under copyright law. Do not take the graphics, screenshots or text. Do not copy them to your website, send them by email or otherwise reproduce them. If you want to share them, send a text link to this page. Do Not email the page itself. To send a text link, highlight the address in your browser window. Right click, and choose copy. Now Right click on your email message and choose paste.
To those of you that follow my terms of use, I am sorry you have to read this. However, this has continued to be a problem, since some don't listen. DO NOT DIRECT LINK TO MY FILES! Direct linking is using the URL to one of my images to display in your site, blog or forum post. This displays MY image on your site, using MY bandwidth, that I pay for. It is not only copyright infringement, but bandwidth theft. If you complete one of my tutorials, of course you may use the image you made.But you MAY not steal the images displayed on my site. None of my original images or graphics may be used without my express permission and I give NO ONE permission to direct link to my files. This does not mean you can't send a text link to the page to share a tutorial, Instructions are above.
This being said, if you choose to ignore this and direct link to my files, I will take one of two actions. I check my web statistics several times a week. This shows me who is stealing my bandwidth and what file they are stealing. if it is a large number that could cause me a significant problem, I may choose to take legal action. For others, I have come up with a plan that is more fun. I just rename the file..then create a NEW file with the old filename. Maybe simply announcing the person is a thief, but in some cases more creative and (and believe me, offensive, especially if you have hate material on your site). So, steal at your own risk.
The image you make with the tutorials is for your personal use.
Group use: Group Use no longer requires my permission provided you send a CC to my email address when you send to your group. This will save you from having to wait for permission. starbreezetarot@yahoo.com">. You may ONLY send a text link, the pages and files may not be sent by email under any circumstances

If you have any problems with these tuts, feel free to contact me and ask for help. If you don't see a link to download selections on the tut page, that means there are none. If you are new to PSP and need selections, please try one of the tuts that provide them, there are several here and probably thousands on other sites.

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Genie Bottle Make an Elf Doll Make Satin
Make a Betta Fish Fishnet Stockings Flower Bell
Make a Kinara Make a Dog Biscuit Seashell Plaque
Make an Alien Make a Pawprint Make a Pumpkin
Bedtime Bear Make a Monkey Make an Ocean Scene
Make a Flower Faery Rose Make a Black Cat
Chrome Frame Makeup Ocean at Night
Mallard Duck Cheer Bear Neon Frame
Make a Birthday Cake Make a Ladybug Beach Shack
Lion Cub Glitter Backgrounds Blue Moon
Samhain Wreath Make an Award Ribbon Blinking Eyes
Broom Photo Color softening Turkey
Smiling Sun Peanut Santa Glitter Text
Goldfish Painted Fish Dripping Blood Text
Pagan Background sets Pagan gifts
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To be notified when new tutorials are added, please join my update list

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